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Jun 18, 2016

CCM urges Union, Z’bar governments to address brewing hostilities in Isles

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in Zanzibar is calling upon both union and Zanzibar governments to take appropriate measures against the ongoing threats from CUF supporters led by Mr Seif Sharif Hamad.“It is high time the governments take action, before it becomes too late. Mr Hamad has been open everywhere in the country and abroad making threats and instigating violence. We kindly urge the authorities not to remain silent,” CCM press release reads.
According to the release signed by its head of ideology and publicity department in Zanzibar, Ms Waride Bakar Jabu, People have been losing their properties in Pemba and Unguja because of political hostilities engineered by Mr Hamad.
“People have been injured, properties destroyed in farms and homes, social cohesion taking part in funerals and weddings diminishing and now he is spreading hatred abroad while pushing for economic sanction against Zanzibar and Tanzania,” it indicates, adding that the opposition will never win using the ‘dirty’ politics.
CCM-Zanzibar says both governments should not remain silent while Mr Hamad tarnishes the image of the country and spreads hatred among people and motivating disobedience against the state.
After the rerun general elections (disputes by CUF party) on March 20, this year, Mr Hamad announced that he won’t recognise President Ali Mohamed Shein’s government vowing to continue doing so without violence, claiming he is the legitimate winner of the 2015 polls.
Since last week, Mr Hamad has been in the US and Europe, complaining in different forums that violation of human rights in Zanzibar has been high, as he seeks help from donor countries to intervene at least by preventing aids to Zanzibar and Tanzania.

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