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Apr 28, 2017



I do not pretend to be older than many but the
truth is that, I'm old enough to confess that life is indeed a mystery.

I've seen a Landlord becoming a tenant of his
former tenant before his death. 

I know a student who became the Vice Chancellor
in his former University with most of his lecturers still teaching under

I have seen a rejected person becoming the bread
winner for a whole community. A victor becoming a victim. A driver
conductor buying the bus of his master. And A borrower recruiting his
erstwhile credit bank manager. 

In life, no one knows tomorrow & you can
never trust life, because it is mysterious. 

Never ever forget. U may not know the full story,
Don't be quick to judge. Every coin has two sides. 

Treat everyone during your life time fairly like
your own & love and forgive as much as you live. 

let us be humble, kind, love more & do not try to be smart in anything; for
we do not know what tomorrow holds for us.

Five years ago, on 28th April 2012, my
Guardian Angel Isabella Benita Bulengo was laid to eternal rest at Makongo Juu,
Dar es Salaam at the Age of 5 years
. RIP! My
Guardian Angel Isabella.

James Byebazo Rugemalira Rutakwabyera

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